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DarkRP Classmaker

A simple, HTML/PHP based classmaker for DarkRP, like many of the edits for this on FacePunch, this was done in my free time, so don't blame me for the blank appearence, and the lack of features, as this was mostly made as a guiding light.

Directions: This is pretty straight forward, just enter the proper information in the form below.


The name that will appear in the scoreboard.

The player model that you will be when you are this job. New! Model List

The command used to become this class.

The 3 number color value, from 0 to 255. New! Color swatch

Describe your class's role

The weapons that your class will start out with.
Add Extra Weapon

The maximum amount of players there may be in your class.

How much the class earns each payday.

Who may become this class?

Do non-admins have to vote to become this class?

When you spawn, are you able to pick up guns without getting a license from the mayor?

Which classes must you be before becoming this class?
Add another prior


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DarkRP is a gamemode for Garrys Mod. The gamemode is roleplaying. This development will continue we will keep you posted on it. We will also alert you when theres an update!

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