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Welcome to DeadEye's Scripting Zone

DarkRP is one of the most popular and most edited roleplay gamemodes to date. Due to the large number of younger roleplayers and the easy availability of guns in DarkRP, it has become known as the 'minges' RP gamemode. Also due to it's ease of use and ease of editing the jobs, it has spawned many edits and many different servers. Good DarkRP servers are possible, but any community with the administration required to handle a good DarkRP server will most likely not use DarkRP.

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This site is all about DarkRP, We will assist you in adding vehicles, new jobs and FAQ's about DarkRP just click any tab above!

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DarkRP is a gamemode for Garrys Mod. The gamemode is roleplaying. This development will continue we will keep you posted on it. We will also alert you when theres an update!

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Our Strategy is to help new people that need help with DarkRP out. You can use our site for help and more stuff coming soon.